We ran a Promo with the Home Depot this Fall

The winner was Rosann Terragnoli, who purchased a kitchen top for her mother from the designer, Tom.

When we called her to tell her she had won she said, "it brightened her day!" Rosann has been going through chemo for the past six months and has been 'very sick and worn down'. She said she wanted to remodel her bath room so winning this countertop was great.

Tom (designer) told me no one could be more deserving than her. She has been very sick but wanted to redo her mom's kitchen for her. She would have her son drive her to the store to take care of details on ordering the countertop because she was to sick to drive.

We all met at the store in December to review details for the free vanity top we are fabricating for her and to get a picture. Rosann, Tom, Shell Fab Account Manager Karen, and the team at the Home Depot are all pictured here together.

Good work team, and Congratulations Rosann!