Laminate Countertops


When it comes to kitchen countertops, Shell Fab Countertops & Casework has all the materials and options you need to choose from. Call today for more information on any of the following materials.

The 1980s saw a Renaissance of product diversification at Wilsonart International. Design Group I™ (now The Standards), Wilsonart's line of readily available solid colors and patterns was born and eventually transformed into the industry standard for inventive and versatile design direction. Wilsonart® Decorative Metals joined the line-up in the mid-'80s. By the 1990s, Wilsonart International's product diversification sped up to meet new market opportunities.
  • Wilsonart® Custom Edges provide the rich aesthetic to countertops with laminate beveled edges or a variety of wood edges.
  • Wilsonart® Gibraltar® and Earthstone™ Solid Surfacing can provide a room with a forward sense of design and distinct taste.
  • Wilsonart® Gibraltar® Kitchen Sinks and Vanity Bowls can be fully integrated with sheet cut from Wilsonart to create a unified bowl and countertop product.
  • Wilsonart® Custom Laminate enables designers to build one-of-a-kind laminate countertops and surfaces through a cutting-edge digital and silk-screen printing process.
  • Wilsonart® Performance Laminates meet a wide range of specialized needs, including Wilsonart® Chemsurf® Chemical-Resistant Laminate, Fire-Rated and High-Wear laminates.
  • Wilsonart® Flooring is incredibly durable and designed to protect high traffic areas. The Wilsonart Flooring Laminate is designed for everything from kitchens to commercial builds.
  • Wilsonart® Metalaminates™ provide the popular look of metals with the workability of laminate.

Utilizing over a century of design and manufacturing experience across the globe, Formica Corporation works with all types of surfacing materials. From humble beginnings as the brainchild of two visionaries, Formica Corporation has grown into a global leader in surfacing materials.